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TreybasarabaYo Guys
FatalPrison has reached a new record of 30 registered users today!
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ab1stwarriorhey its ab1stwarrior
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HammyYTHi im a youtuber who just started and im wondering if I can become a staff member or get the youtuber rank so I can become more popular I dont post to many videos and this could be my new seris my youtube name is hammy102 and if you actually do this then can you please reset my person on your server if that is possible my minecraft username is nanohexbug4 thankyou for reading and please put me into consideration for a job or youtuber rank ~HammyYT
erne1000   HammyYt staff rank isnt that easy to get, you cant just ask for it because then you are certain to not get it. Also we do not currently have a youtuber rank. Even if we did you would have to be atleast semi-succesful.
Evan384   We do have a youtube rank but you need to upload frequently and have a decent amount of subs.

TreybasarabaEverybody lets do a server Party. Every Person on the forums come on the server on Dec,19 at 3:00 EST time

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